Epals - Become email pens pals with classes around the world. Emails address are provided by the website. All incoming and outgoing mail must be approved by the teacher before students get it. Project ideas provided.

Monster Exchange - Students draw a monster and then do a written description of it. Classes are paired up. Descriptions are exchanged and monsters drawn from description.
My Monsters

iCollaboratory - Place to join and/or post projects for collaboration with others

PenPal News - Classes are matched up. Students read current event articles and write about it to their partners. First one is free. After that cost is
$1.99 per student.

Global Read Aloud Project - Classes read the same book and make connections to discuss - 2 levels - Starts in October

Kinderchat Classroom Projects - Live binder with links to projects for Kindergarten

Global Classroom Project 2012-13 - Collaborative projects for all ages